Terms of Use

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Please read these terms of use governing access to the Our GREENstrategy.ca program (the PROGRAM) and its use carefully. By accessing the PROGRAM and the pages it contains, you expressly acknowledge that you have reviewed these terms of use and agreed to them unconditionally. If you refuse these terms of use, please do not access the PROGRAM or use it. These terms of use may be modified at any time.

The PROGRAM is owned and run by OUR GREENSTRATEGY.CA, a private company incorporated in Quebec. The PROGRAM and its terms of use are governed by Canadian law.


1. Disclaimer

The content of the PROGRAM is provided “as is,” without any guarantee whatsoever, either explicit or implicit. No warranty or guarantee is given as to Program content, functionality, links or communications, including in the event of errors, corrections or failures, interrupted or intercepted transmissions, data losses, viruses or any other factors that may impair its effectiveness

In no event can OUR GREENSTRATEGY.CA be held liable to any party for any cost or damage, including any direct, indirect, consequential and intangible forms of damage, associated with PROGRAM access or use, or with an inability to access the PROGRAM or use its functions and services, including navigation and the downloading of any information, data, text, image or any other information accessible in the PROGRAM or from another website to which the PROGRAM links or which links to it.

It is the PROGRAM user’s responsibility to assess the accuracy, completeness, reliability and relevance of the opinions expressed, the services offered and any information provided. In no way should the information provided in the PROGRAM be interpreted or relied upon as if it were legal, accounting, tax or financial advice, professional or investment advice, or advice on a specific situation. Consequently, OUR GREENSTRATEGY.CA assumes no responsibility or liability arising from the use or misuse of information contained in the PROGRAM. Users are advised to consult a professional advisor selected according to their specific circumstances.

The user acknowledges that no information contained in the PROGRAM should be construed as a solicitation, an offer, advice, a recommendation or any other service with a view to proposing a transaction or investment, or to disposing of the same. For further information on a specific product and/or country, please refer to the appropriate website. 



2. Links

PROGRAM links to other websites are provided for the purpose of supplying information and with the sole aim of providing a service.

Accordingly, OUR GREENSTRATEGY.CA declines any responsibility and any obligations of any nature whatsoever to the websites linked to by the PROGRAM (or to another website that links to the PROGRAM), including in relation to content and functions. Some sites may be hosted outside the user’s country and therefore subject to different laws and regulations.

A link from the PROGRAM to another website (or a link from another website to the PROGRAM) does not in any way constitute a referral, an endorsement, an approval, an advertisement, an offer or a solicitation for the other website, nor for its content or for products and services advertised or delivered via that other website. OUR GREENSTRATEGY.CA presumes and considers that the links that it supplies to other websites accessible to the general public, to Web pages, to discussion forums or to any other source are legally permissible and entirely consistent with the normal and usual expectations of Internet users.


3. Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise indicated, any PROGRAM information, image, graphic, function or service, formatting or text is the exclusive property of OUR GREENSTRATEGY.CA and cannot be copied or distributed, in whole or in part, except as part of the PROGRAM’s implementation by a client who has purchased the PROGRAM. Any reproduction outside the context of such implementation is prohibited without the prior written consent of OUR GREENSTRATEGY.CA.

OUR GREENSTRATEGY.CA is and remains the owner of all intellectual property rights in the PROGRAM.


4. Confidentiality Policy

OUR GREENSTRATEGY.CA shall take every reasonable precaution to ensure the integrity and security of all information obtained from PROGRAM users and prevent any unauthorized access or use. To that end, OUR GREENSTRATEGY.CA shall review its security measures regularly.

OUR GREENSTRATEGY.CA agrees to make regular data backups and to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of all user-generated data. OUR GREENSTRATEGY.CA shall not communicate user-related data in any form to third parties or use such data improperly.

Any attempt by any party to damage the PROGRAM or impair its functionality is a violation of civil and criminal laws. Consequently, OUR GREENSTRATEGY.CA reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings and seek damages from the offender to the full extent of the law.


5. Applicable Legislation

The PROGRAM and its terms of use are governed exclusively by Canadian law. Consequently, the PROGRAM user expressly agrees to be subject to Canadian law.

If distribution of the PROGRAM or access to its content contravenes the laws and regulations in effect in the user’s country, the user shall refrain from accessing and using it. Access to and use of the PROGRAM is at the user’s discretion, and it is the user’s responsibility to comply with the applicable laws and regulations.

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