The program

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Concrete measures and an action plan to guide you! is a turnkey program of eco-responsible measures, developed by experts, that integrates easily with the business practices of small and medium organizations.

  • Free online assessment

  • An action plan that takes existing measures into account, with 75 downloadable tools

  • Real-time progress report

  • Visibility kit


  • The program comprises 30 eco-friendly habits, referred to as GREENstrategies.
  • GREENstrategies address the issues of :
    • Quality of life at work
    • Responsible consumption
    • Waste management
    • Energy efficiency
    • Greenhouse gas emissions.
  • A customized action plan will be generated to guide you toward the successful implementation of measures within your organization.
  • You will gain access to downloadable tools created for you.
  • Get real-time progress reports showing your organization’s advancement in the program.
  • Your commitment will be recognized, and we help you gain visibility.


Purchase online, create your account and gain instant access to the program!

After you’ve filled out an assessment to identify your organization’s existing eco-friendly behaviour, a customized action plan that you can access from your account will be generated. 

You can then start to implement eco-responsible policies within your organization, AT YOUR OWN PACE, using the tools made available to you.


  • An online assessment to identify your company’s current situation.
  • A customized action plan that includes :
    • A list of GREENstrategies (measures to implement)
    • Information about the importance of adopting such measures
    • Ideas for real-life actions to carry out
    • Downloadable content to aid in the adoption of these actions (posters, product and supplier lists, educational articles for employees, etc.)
  • A progress report to track your advancement in the program
  • Brand visibility (logo on the website, inclusion in the membership list, testimonies in their dedicated website section, etc.)


Cost of program is $399.

If you are part of an association or organization already under agreement with (*) the membership fees are $299. To obtain the promotional code, contact your association.

* If you are an association or organization and would be interested in a partnership agreement with, please contact us by email.

Why? How?
All it takes is a few minutes to set your organization on the path to recognition for its commitment to environmentally responsible operations.