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Green Certification Program for SMEs

Mon Plan Vertuose and The Green Business Bureau announce a strategic partnership aimed at supporting and guiding SMEs on the path to sustainability.

Mon Plan, a young Canadian company and the Green Business Bureau the # 1 Online green certification platform, formally announce their partnership aiming to co-market a set of online tools enabling SMEs to meet their environmental sustainability objectives and contribute to the attainment of national and global policies and targets.

Simple and affordable these tools are turnkey and easily available to small and medium size businesses and organizations planning to embark on the path to social and environmental responsibility. The platform was designed to serve organizations with limited time or resources develop and implement effective measures and initiatives saving them money and greening their businesses.

With a few clics, SMEs can now obtain a customized plan, download support materials and content, track their progress and promote and share their efforts.

Mon Plan and the Green Business Bureau are determined to create the largest community of eco-responsible businesses and organizations working together to help attain global objectives, fight climate change and promote their efforts to consumers, employees and suppliers.

Act fast and join  or!

Les fondateurs des deux entreprises.De gauche à droite : Sophie Bergeron et Louise Fecteau,  Mon Plan, Tom Permatteo et Martin Gauthier, Green Business Bureau, Marc-Noël Ouellette, Mon Plan

Founders of the two companies

From left to right : Sophie Bergeron and Louise Fecteau Mon Plan, Tom Permatteo and Martin Gauthier Green Business Bureau, Marc-Noël Ouellette Mon Plan

About Mon

Mon Plan VERTuose is a Canadian company offering an online application delivering a simple and economical plan and set of tools to support eco-responsibility for small and medium size organizations. The program was developed by Gaïa Environment and GMNO.

About Green Business Bureau

The Green Business Bureau is the #1 Online Green Business certification program. Its platform guides and enables Innovative companies to run more efficient businesses and has successfully been implemented by thousands of small and medium size companies. The GBB platform also powers a number of groups and communities green certification programs adapted to specific industries and business models.

Why? How?
All it takes is a few minutes to set your organization on the path to recognition for its commitment to environmentally responsible operations.