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We don’t have any staff dedicated to environment issues. Will we be able to carry out the program?

Yes. The ourGREENstrategy.ca program was created expressly for small and medium-sized organizations that don’t have any staff dedicated to environmental issues. No research or tool development is necessary: everything is already taken care of by our environmental specialists. That’s what you’re buying when you sign up.

How much time would we have to spend on the program every week?

The program was designed to allow you to implement it at your own speed. You have total control over the time that you wish to allot to the implementation of the ourGREENstrategy.ca program within your organization. Everything was thought out to avoid any waste of time. Action plans, deployment tools and reports—it’s all ready to use. That’s what you’re buying when you sign up.

How do I qualify for the 25% promotional discount?

You must be part of an association, organization or any group that has a partnership with ourGREENstrategy.ca. For more information, click here.

We’re tenants, so there are many services over which we have no control due to the fact that the owner manages them. Would it be worth it for us to subscribe to this program?

Yes. The program suggests ways to raise the owner’s awareness; additionally, most of the measures concern habits within the company itself.

In our organization, employees do not work in offices with computers. Since the program is only available online, would we still be able to use it?

No problem, as long as you have at least one workstation with a computer and printer that the person in charge of the program can access. All of the material supplied in the program (diagnostic test, action plan, progress report and tools) is downloadable in print-friendly formats, which can be passed around to your personnel.

How will we be recognized?

As soon as the membership fees are taken care of, you will receive a welcome email containing your visibility kit (email signature, logos to insert in your corporate material, etc.). We also ask that you provide us with your organization logo to include in the “Members” section on our website. You will also obtain access to real-time progress reports, which you can use in your communications with partners and clients each time your noteworthy eco-friendly behaviour gives you the opportunity to stand out!

Why? How?
All it takes is a few minutes to set your organization on the path to recognition for its commitment to environmentally responsible operations.