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The ourGREENstrategy.ca program is a self-guided plan created to help small organization owners and managers implement environmentally responsible policies while having their efforts recognized. Management retains full control over the plan’s implementation and use.

The ourGREENstrategy.ca program was created and made possible by Gaïa Environnement inc associates Louise Fecteau and Sophie Bergeron and their partner, Marc-Noël Ouellette.

Sophie Bergeron and Louise Fecteau have their Masters degree in environment studies and over 35 years of combined experience in managing companies and carrying out environmentally minded projects. Sophie is also specialized in communications. Louise is a certified corporate director (CCD).

Marc-Noël Ouellette is a seasoned leader with vast experience in management, corporate turnaround and business integration. Marc-Noël is a team builder, an innovator and an administrator for many professional and charitable organizations, particularly in the areas of media and environment.

Why? How?
All it takes is a few minutes to set your organization on the path to recognition for its commitment to environmentally responsible operations.